Brian Anderson
Brian AndersonFounding Director

After working in the health, wellness and dental industry for over a decade in both the UK and the US, Brian's mission is to show how dentistry can save lives as well as change healthcare. Combining oral systemic education and total health preventative screenings offers an amazing patient experience especially during a time when one's health matters the most. Brian's vision is to brand dentistry as a major part of patients' preventative health plan. This will give dental practices the ability to create a patient journey that bring the mouth back to the body. 'The mouth is the gateway to the body and with 33 million people seeing a dental professional in the UK - it only makes sense to offer a service that is great for the patient and the profession.'

Simon Gallier
Simon GallierBDS Director

Qualified as a dentist in 1982 from the Turner Dental School in Manchester. Has owned and run his own mixed dental practices which culminated in a multi-site dental and whole body aesthetic clinic.
"General dental practice is about the staff and the patients. It is about doing what is right for both of these in the long term. I have long believed that the personal relationship and mutual trust that develops over a period of time within this setting is unique in healthcare. We get to know our patients, their families, their children and their grandchildren. This set me on the journey of thinking of what else can we offer that isn't offered elsewhere that might potentially enhance and improve their life."

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Find out more on:

  • How dental practices across the UK are bridging the gap between dentistry and medicine and implementing Total Health Screens
  • How to truly engage your team
  • How this all fits right in with the existing patients journey or as a standalone service
  • What patients are saying about Total Health Screens
  • What components are needed
  • How Total health Screens increase engagement and practice growth
  • Why this is the best time to offer total health screens
  • What two simple principles that guarantee an increase in case acceptance

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Give More Value To Your Patients

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Empower Your Team

"We have seen total team engagement increase"

"Offering these screens to our patients enables them to be proactive and take control of their health.

We have also seen total team engagement increase, with all members of the practice wanting to either be involved with the health offering or have a health screen themselves."

Sophie Fleming
Sophie Fleming

Dental Therapist

Foregate Street Dental,
A Total Health Screens
Dental PartnerTM

Empower Your Patients

"It only takes a few minutes to provide screens."

"Health screens are important to bridge that gap between healthcare and dentistry.

Therapists can build this into their current patients' journey as it only takes a few minutes to provide the screens.

This can also be offered as a separate service allowing patients to visit outside of dental procedures."

Jennifer Royle
Jennifer Royle

Dual Qualified DT/DH

Crown Bank Dental,
A Total Health Screens
Dental PartnerTM

Patients Love It

"It's easy to do and you feel like you're really helping."

"Patients really love it. I absolutely love it too! They're happy and it's easy to do and you feel like you are really helping people.

We've had people say this is easier than trying to organise health screens with their GP. Having them provided here at the practice has been really helpful for people."

Emma Birch
Emma Birch

Dental Therapist

Park Dental Practice,
A Total Health Screens
Dental PartnerTM

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