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More people see a dental professional each year than any other healthcare professional. Only makes sense that offering dental point of care screens that support knowing underlying conditions for greater oral health outcomes. Patients that receive this level of care see dentistry as a healthcare provider and see that the mouth is connected to the body.

Being a practice owner offers the ability to truly impact one's life. Dental professionals enhance lives by caring for a patient's biggest asset: their smile.

Offering diabetes and cardiovascular risk screens shows patients the evidence of how oral health is connected. The screens open the conversation and support patients with possible underlying conditions that may be affecting oral health outcomes like periodontal disease, implant or other complex procedures.

Screens your practice can offer: Lipid Cholesterol, Glucose or Hba1c, Blood Pressure, BMI and Height to Waist Ratio. Other screens can include Vitamin D and pH Saliva test.

Whether addressing periodontal disease, straight teeth or full facial aesthetics, dentists look after our wellbeing and enhance who we are.

Many dental practices offer a variety of services like implants, orthodontics, and even Botox or facial fillers. If you're willing to offer services that include facial fillers why not offer preventative health screenings as part of your dental services?

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Adding The Total Health Screens Model®
to your practice will:

Add More Purpose

Having a purpose driven team adding a preventative health approach will inspire and impact lives. Most dental practices that are offering preventative screens are being implemented by the nursing team working in conjunction with the hygiene teams. This offers nurses the empowerment to work directly with the patients and allow this service to offer

Add Services

Your dental practice will have a new level of services that can work in conjunction with the patients' journey or as a separate offering. Your practice can provide health screens that add more value to the patient experience and dental membership plan. Preventative healthcare is in high demand especially when one's health matters more than ever.

Improve Lives

Become a community leader of preventative health and work in collaboration with health practitioners in your area. Patients that see dentistry as a healthcare provider often expect more treatment as well as we recommend the practice to others.

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