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The hygiene & nursing department can now be a patients' total health centre providing patients with a baseline of health in connection with their oral health.

Many hygienists & therapists are taught how important the relationship between oral & general health is but do not have the tools needed to show patients easily. Total Health Screen is an advocate for that oral hygiene is the foundation of dentistry and having the ability to instantly know patients Hab1c/glucose results and other health markers can offer greater treatment outcomes when necessary.

Total Health Screens is working with many nurses implementing screens. Nurses can work with patients directly providing simple screens that offer patients their results in minutes. This provides nurses additional training and a skill set that adds more value for the patient experience and increases patients oral & general health outcomes.

Implementing preventative health screens within the patient journey is not adding more, it is shifting how we deliver dental care.

Our programs are designed to provide the full confidence to easily connect oral & general health and deliver a spectrum of preventative health screens within the patient journey or as a separate service.

If you are an independent dental professional or team member interested in learning more on how to offer oral & general health education and implement point of care screens – please contact us with any questions or we can schedule a call to discuss any components.

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