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Our Story

The Mouth is the Gateway to the Body

Our story began in 2004 when our directors developed strategic wellness programs for employer groups in effort to give employees access to better preventative healthcare and to reduce catastrophic claims. These programs incorporated dental professionals showing how oral & general health have a direct relationship.

Dentistry has been kept separate from medicine since the beginning of the profession. We work in partnership to bring the mouth back to the body and show how dentistry is a major part of ones healthcare.

Millions of people see a dental professional each year. This offers dentistry a unique opportunity to support patients by showing the relationship between oral & general health and detect possible underlying conditions that affect treatment outcomes and ones overall health.

In 2019, we developed an end-to-end user product for both the patient and the dental professional by combing years of point of care screening experiences, technology and the demand for preventative healthcare.

Total Health Screens aim to deliver opportunistic screening for common chronic conditions by measuring blood Hba1c/glucose, blood pressure, BMI, and lipid cholesterol levels in patients attending dental settings.

The results of this screening may indicate a need for further review by a general medical practitioner or stimulate patients to consider lifestyle changes to minimise their risk of developing a chronic disease in the future.

Furthermore, knowing dental patient underlying health conditions offer greater service to the patient, better treatment outcomes and showing the evidence that the mouth is truly the gateway to the body.

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Total Health Screens

Our Vision

Improve treatment outcomes and create a patient journey that offers the greatest value by enhancing the lives of 1,000,000 people by 2025.

How We Will Achieve Our Vision

We will do this through oral systemic health education and shifting the way we deliver care by offering patient preventative health screens.

What are Total Health Screens?

It's the process of offering patients the chance to know their key health numbers which includes: Lipid Cholesterol, Glucose or Hba1c, Blood Pressure, BMI and Height to Waist Ratio. Other screens can include Vitamin D and pH Saliva tests. Screens only take seconds to perform and minutes for patients to have their results.

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Total Health Screens

Why dentistry?

People see the dentist more times per year than any other health provider, which gives dental teams the opportunity to engage with patients on a higher level. When engaging patients at this level you will see more new patients, existing patients honour more appointments and higher treatment acceptance.
Total Health Screens

The Position To Educate

Beyond cleaner, healthier and cosmetically sound smiles, dental professionals can also provide patients with education on the oral systemic connection and offer preventative screenings for patients in areas of general health.

This gives patients the chance to lead a healthier longer life and increases your healthcare services for your patients.

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