A Dentist Saved James Browns Life?

BY Total Health Screens – 4 years ago

Last month’s newsletter was a dynamic piece on creating a vision for your dental practice.

This February issue we want to share a few examples of where dentistry has gone beyond oral health by connecting patients to general health and SAVED THEIR LIVES!!

The idea for this issue came about when watching a film about the life of famous musician James Brown on Netflix.

After doing a Google search to check other facts about James Brown, we stumbled upon an article which reported that James Brown’s dentist basically saved his life.

“On December 23, 2006, Brown became very ill and arrived at his dentist’s office in Atlanta, Georgia, several hours late. His appointment was for dental implant work. During that visit, Brown’s dentist observed that he looked “very bad … weak and dazed”. Instead of performing the work, the dentist advised Brown to see a doctor right away about his medical condition” – Wikipedia

James Brown’s dentist could see he needed to make the right call and focus on his overall health. This is something we all do as dental professionals even when its not visually obvious.

What about the health concerns we can’t see?

Searching further for more examples of dental professionals saving lives, we came across this story … 

The story of Sandy Wexler really stuck out!
Sandy was having her yearly oral cancer screening which included blood pressure and an external screening.

After the dental professional spent a great deal of time on the external screening, Sandy asked her dentist “Is there something abnormal?” The dentist shared with Sandy that there was an enlarged lymphoid on Sandy’s neck. Sandy made an appointment to see her physician and she was diagnosed with cancer. Sandy has undergone cancer treatment and is now cancer free.

Like the James Brown story, Sandy’s story is another tremendous example of how dentistry saves lives. These stories prove that oral cancer screenings are effective and 100% necessary.

What is also amazing about Sandy’s story is this dental practice offers blood pressure as a part of the oral cancer screening process. This is amazing!!

We can be adding other screenings to the patients’ journey that connect patients to general health.

Enhance Life Dental Solutions believes all dental practices should be offering blood pressure checks for patients visiting your dental practice.

Enhance Life Dental Solutions empowers dental practices by showing how to incorporate and implement oral systemic education as well as 5 key total health screenings that connect patients to their overall health.

Dentistry has the patient flow and the opportunity to utilise the medical history form, oral systemic communications and screenings to connect one’s oral health to over all health. These screenings will detect what we can’t see in one’s total health profile.

We teach practices how implementing oral systemic education and adding these 5 general health screenings has hundreds of benefits for your practice, patients, team and also saves lives!

We run motivating in-practice ‘lunch and learns’ that show how to incorporate oral systemic education and additional screenings to the patient journey.

If you want to have a really fun and amazing way to excite your team & patients about dentistry, create an unforgettable patient journey, save lives and attract more new patients …

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