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BY Total Health Screens – 4 years ago

We are sending our appreciation to everyone working hard dealing with the tremendous stress that is affecting our health around the world.

Practising good hygiene, avoiding gatherings and staying home is the best call to action during this time especially when any exposure or symptoms arise.

Remember your health is so important when you need to help others.

Patients who opt into a dental plan are the most engaged patients!

We all can agree patients who choose to opt-in to a dental plan are highly engaged patients who see dentistry as a major part of their health plan. These patients choose to invest into a plan that covers their oral health.

This month’s issue focuses on how patients choosing dental plans are the most engaged and how dental plans can offer more to your patients by creating a triple win for patients, your practice and healthcare.

This month’s issue focuses on how patients choosing dental plans are the most engaged and how dental plans can offer more to your patients by creating a triple win for patients, your practice and healthcare.

Why doesn’t every patient invest in a dental plan?

A lot of people would rather spend their hard-earned money elsewhere instead of paying for dental procedures and honouring routine hygiene appointments.

A great example of how people prioritise their spending is when customers routinely visit their hairdresser to hide their grey hair.

Once those grey roots start to show it’s like a comedy routine of people covering their hair running to a salon to hide those exposed grey roots.

The key to this example shows what is important to people. People want to look good for so many reasons like their job, dating or just to feel younger and healthier.

Although grey hair has become more popular, you can draw the parallel to how patients will prioritize their spending for what’s important to them. It’s not just to look good or younger  – it’s ‘the why’ people want to look good. It’s the personal motivation behind why a person makes choices and why they would spend money.

Finding out a patient’s personal motivator during the patient journey is the most important way to engage with patients and to provide them with the best solutions. Knowing truly what’s important to patients is knowing the results patients want beyond having a healthy smile and healthy life.

Show patients dentistry is an investment in health NOT a cost!

Life is not enjoyable if you are unwell. Dental plans can show patients how to invest in one’s health as it allows patients to know what they will be investing in as well as the added value benefits to further treatment they may require.

Staying healthy is an investment and we pay our hard-earned money to keep fit, receive care and eat well. When we show dentistry as a long term investment in our health, patients can start to see dentistry as a major part of their health plans.

The next step is:

Showing patients how dentistry is connected to general health will show that dentistry is a major part of their health plan. As a dental practice you can connect patients’ medical history forms and added value services that offer patients the total health preventative care they desire.

Create a patient journey that offers the right conversations combined with clear communications that show the connection of oral health to general health. This will guarantee highly engaged patients, increased retention and treatment acceptance. When we show patients the oral-systemic connection, patients start to see the mouth is the gateway to the body.

When patients become educated on oral-systemic health and are shown the connection of oral health with diabetes, cardiovascular and stroke, patients see dentistry as a total health option.

Using existing dental practice tools combined with oral systemic communications and optional health screenings gives patients a greater chance of living a healthier life and understanding that dentistry is the ultimate preventative healthcare provider.

Dental plans have become more accessible with different options to choose from. Now you can add more to these plans with preventative health screenings.

Total Health Screen’s soul existence is to keep supporting and branding dentistry as a major part of patients’ health plans. We provide communications and training in connecting oral health to general health.

We believe

‘The Mouth Is the Gateway To The Body’

You can book a free 20 minute online demonstration that shows how we are  connecting oral health to general health.

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During the presentation you will:

  • Learn how to connect oral health to general health and what this does for your patients, team and practice.
  • See the oral systemic health communications material.
  • Find out how to utilise existing dental practice tools to get 100% patient engagement.
  • Discuss optional screenings dental practices can offer that add more value and have more patients seeing dentistry as an investment.
  • Learn how dental teams become more motivated and excited about creating the best patient journey possible.

Join us on our vision to enhance the lives of 1,000,000 people by 2025!

Not just our patients’ lives, our teams and dental professionals’ lives too!