Dental Therapist Is Back At Work Screening Patients!

BY Total Health Screens – 4 years ago

Following a return to work from furlough leave, Sophie Fleming a Dental Therapist from Chester, shares her story on how implementing health screening at the practice has changed dentistry for her forever.

Prior to Covid-19, the practice was due to commence health screening and Sophie was extremely keen to get involved with the setup and the implementation of screens for her patients.

“As dental care professionals, we educate our patients on the connection between oral health and general health and how they often coincide with each other, like uncontrolled diabetes and periodontal disease. We have a unique place in the healthcare industry to be able to see and screen our patients regularly to potentially save lives and protect our healthcare system”

— Sophie Fleming, DIP, DH/DT, RCS

Having worked within dentistry for over 14 years, Sophie has a wealth of knowledge of the industry. She particularly enjoys treating patients and helping them understand the link between oral health and general health. Sophie works part time in an NHS practice in Chester. When she is not treating patients, she provides training and support to other dental practices to help them implement health screening. Sophie is incredibly excited and passionate about the future of dentistry.

“This is a subject especially close to my heart, having family members who have previously suffered the awful effects of high cholesterol, something which could have been prevented by having a simple screen.

As a nation, we have the mentality of only approaching our doctor when we are symptomatic. To be able to offer these screens to our patients enables them to be proactive and to take control of their health.”

“I spend the majority of my time talking to patients about the prevention of caries and periodontal disease, equipping people with the knowledge to be able to take control of their oral health and ultimately prevent disease. To be able to include these simple screens to the patient journey is offering yet another preventative measure to their overall experience at the practice.

We have also seen total team engagement with all members of the practice wanting to either be involved with the health offering or have a health screen themselves.”

— Sophie Fleming, DIP, DH/DT, RCS

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