There’s A Bigger Future For Dentistry – Simon Gallier

BY Total Health Screens – 4 years ago

With the Covid-19 pandemic causing havoc for our healthcare system and our economy, dentistry and dental practices have an amazing opportunity to grow their healthcare offerings.

This month we want to share the inspiring story of Dr Simon Gallier, BDS and his dental team who are now offering a 5 Point Total Health Screen (blood pressure, BMI, waist ratio, cholesterol & glucose) for their patients. Simon and his team opened their Foregate Street Dental Practice 22nd June. They shared one simple email with a targeted group of patients offering the 5 Point Health Check and received over 70 patient requests to sign up for the total health screens check.

Simon is first and foremost a great father and husband. He’s also an entrepreneur, ex airborne forces recruit and he’s a dentist.

After leaving the army, Simon entered general practice and following short periods as a locum dentist he bought a small (two surgery) mixed practice in Finchley, North London. Simon then started his dental journey which has remained focussed on general dental practice. The journey has taken a few twists and turns but Simon has always remained faithful to his mantras of:

“I care, I believe, I thrive” and “Honesty, integrity and professionalism”.

— Simon Gallier

In the case of bridging the gap between oral and general health Simon Gallier has now implemented and crossed that bridge.

Simon shared his thoughts and why offering total health screens for his dental patients is the future of dentistry.

“General dental practice is about the staff and the patients. It is about doing what is right for both of these in the long term. I have long believed that the personal relationship and mutual trust that develops over a period of time within this setting is unique in healthcare. We get to know our patients, their families, their children and their grandchildren.

Given this scenario and the trust built up over time, I have always explored the ideas of what else can we do for our patients as a service and to help improve their lives. We screen our regular patients once or twice per year and they turn up regularly for this screening and to listen to our advice on how to look after one particular part of their body. This set me on the journey of thinking of what else can we offer that isn’t offered elsewhere that might potentially enhance and improve their life.

Simon continued to share his 7 reasons why Total Health Screens can change the future of dentistry:

  1. Health screens can be delivered alongside and at the same time as dental care.
  2. They can be delivered by hygienists/therapists/DCPs/suitably trained staff.
  3. They can add a significant income stream to practices equivalent to, if not more cost-effective than, hygiene therapy.
  4. They will put the mouth back in the body.
  5. Offering total health screens for your patients will increase the respect your patients have for you as you start to look after them more comprehensively.
  6. They will let you become part of a journey many other dental practices are joining to help Total Health Solutions vision of screening 1,000,000 of the 33,000,000 of our patients by 2025.
  7. They will raise the awareness and respect for the profession within healthcare and the general population

– Dr Simon Gallier, BDS

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