Could dental practices support Covid-19 testing?

BY Total Health Screens – 4 years ago

Dentistry is not always seen as an equal at the medical table when the fact is – IT IS!

We want to continue to share our gratitude to all the frontline workers doing everything possible to keep us safe and healthy.

We hope our April blog will offer some assurance that we will get through this crisis and come out on the other side more prepared and inspired to provide even better care for our patients and communities.

This month we want to highlight how dental teams are on the frontline during this crisis, how our healthcare system will be forever changed and how adopting some of these changes beyond the lockdown period will offer your patients the best care possible. 

Total Health Screens exists to empower dental practices to offer higher levels of total health preventative care by connecting oral health with general health within the existing patient journey.

We believe dentistry has much to offer during this time. Whether communicating safety measures to patients, offering online consultations and providing many levels of care, tests and screenings to patients, dentistry is well equipped to offer more in general healthcare. Our group of dentists and colleagues have been discussing – ‘Could dental practices support Covid-19 testing?’

Dentists and dental professionals are highly trained and work in a highly controlled environment. Dentistry is already doing, and can continue to do, more during this crisis as well as beyond this health crisis. Whether providing remote consultations to patients with symptoms or supporting with testing.

Dental Teams Join the Frontline

Dental teams are being redeployed to support hospitals during this Covid-19 crisis. Dental professionals are joining the frontline and assisting Covid-19 patients with many types of care ranging from minor through to the sedation of patients. has reported dental teams have even assisted in performing a c-section.

This amazing collaboration truly shows more than ever that dentistry goes hand in hand with general health. That dentists and dental teams are equipped, trained and passionate about total health and patient care.

Create the Ultimate Patient Journey

Patients will come out of the lockdown more worried than ever about heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancers and many other health risks highlighted by this health crisis. Dental practices are ideally placed to support patients to lead healthier lives.

Dental practices can offer a patient journey that can truly impact lives.

By combining oral systemic education with a medical history form review and key preventative general health screenings, we can protect patients and our healthcare system.

The science shows the evidence that oral health impacts general health in many diseases.

Dentistry has the patient flow and a highly controlled medical environment to offer  preventative screenings, education and a chance to live a healthier life.

The Future of Dentistry

One positive to emerge during this health crisis is the power of technology to support patient care. Dental practices and GP surgeries have been carrying out more remote consultations in an effort to mitigate risks.

Dentists and doctors are calling patients at their appointed time to support them with questions and advice, especially to determine what may require emergency care.

Now dentists, dental teams and patients have become more computer savvy and confident with coordinating online calls. Patients who have never before used Zoom or an online platform are now more equipped to do so.

These teleconference calls can continue beyond the lockdown especially for patients with mobility issues who may find it hard to attend the practice or those whose jobs make it difficult to attend appointments. Having these online calls can increase the engagement between patients and the dental teams that support them.

Besides remote consultations, dental practices can offer greater preventative health communications in their newsletters, social media and text messaging.

A Dental Practice That Offers More

We had the opportunity to collaborate with James Goolnik BDS MSc and author of ‘Kick Sugar’ in creating an additional patient education card to be added to the Enhance Life Dental Oral Systemic Communications package.

James Goolnik and his team are on a mission to support patients and the nation with nutrition and living a healthier life. They are showing how dentistry can add simple components to the existing patient journey to connect oral health with general health. Please stay tuned as we will have more about James Goolnik and his mission to change our relationship with sugar in next month’s newsletter and blog.

Contact us for free copy of the Oral Systemic Health patient education cards below. Cards include oral health and heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, sleep apnea and more. If you would would like to learn more about the complete set of the Oral Health & General Health education cards please contact